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You've reached withoutsanity, personal journal of me, Tracey, aswell as a collective of all my icons and what not. Inside you'll find my daily ramblings, and other random bits and pieces that i find interesting. I'm a 17 year old girl from Brisbane, Australia, turning 18 in August. (Yay!) I tend to be obsessive about certain things, and go into "phases". For instance, at the moment i'm in a Cedric/Cho phase, which let me tell you is quite rare. I can't seem to find a lot of stuff on them! I like a swedish group called the A-Teens who have recently gone on a "break" to do solo careers and stuff, and love music. All sorts of music too. I can immerse myself in music for hours. I love watching TV, especially House MD. It is possibly the greatest thing ever. I love his snark. I'm not a very academic person, which is a pity. Especially with demanding parents. I'll take anything over study, any day.

Words to describe myself? Lemme see...happy, cheerful, clumsy, obsessive, impatient, loud, strange, unique, procrastinator, lazy, unfit. Sport and me don't really mesh well. I try to keep fit with tennis coaching, but unfortunately, that can only do so much. XD Well, that's all for now. Perhaps when i can think of more interesting things i shall add to this.

This journal is basically here for me to write about really, whatever i want. I also make icons in my spare time which is why it's journal and icons. Kind of self explanatory. I tend to ramble a lot. About stuff that matters and things that don't even make sense. Feel free to friend this journal, either for me, or my icons and other random things i post. I'm bound to friend you back once i've realised you've done the same. It's always cool meeting new people, so put a smile on my face and give me a shout.

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