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20 April 2007 @ 09:57 pm
Good Week.  
I have to say, that this week was pretty fabulous.

It started off ok. On Tuesday, I had a PSY1030 1000 word essay due, which i neglected to start til like 2 days before. That was fun. I wagged all my Monday Uni lectures and just wrote, and wrote and wrote and wrote.  :) I was soooooo happy when i finally handed it in. Big relief. After that however, I had a 3 hour Chemistry Prac that i was not looking forward to. I had focussed all on psychology, that i totally forgot about pre lab preparations. Big surprise though, because it went really well. Got 9/10 and spent a fabulous afternoon with friends, talking and waiting for the data to finish processing on the computer. Our Tutor was Egyptian, and we initially couldn't understand a word he said. And he kept saying, in a really loud voice "Ok?........OK?!" lol. But in the end it tuned out great! We had heaps of fun, because mainly we were sitting around, waiting for information to load. :)

Ooh. On the Sunday, I had Supanova (which really went all weekend, but...eh.) and that was a lot of fun. I procrastinated a lot too for my essay, which is why I had to write it mostly all on Monday. XD This was when Allura suggested crashing her lectures on Thursday, when I have no Uni. So....as Tuesday went well, and I was feeling quite ecstatic as my essay was finished, it was all set.

Wednesday came, and that was just a day of lectures. I was feeling quite relaxed too.

Then is was Thursday, and i had to work from 9-2. I wasn't really looking forward to this, because I was afraid I'd get Daniel. XD But then i didn't! Jas was managing, and it was a good shift. I mean sure, I got doused with milk whilst filling shake and sundae, and was really clumsy, but it was such a great vibe and the people i liked were working, so it was just fuuuuuuuun. Two o'clock swings around and i get changed, and dash to the train station to catch a 2.09 train. I make it, get to the city, then wait for the loop to take me to QUT. It's supposed to come every ten minutes, but i swear it took at least 20 minutes. :( It comes, and Allura meets me at the stop, and we rush off to her class. It was quite surreal, being at another Uni, but fun. These guys sitting behind us, kept comparing the lecturer to Colonel Sanders from KFC. They even passed around crazy drawings of him. Then, the class finishes, and the dude behind me, drops this piece of paper on my desk and leaves the room. I open the letter, and it says "Your cute." lol. I was really shocked. :) Bad grammar though. XD That's never happened to me before, and Allura wouldn't shut up about it. :) Literally, reminding me about it all afternoon. hehe.

And now, it's Friday. I went to all my lectures once again which was fine, then had a 3 hour animal prac. I wasn't looking forward to this, because my tutor talks to my group as if we're foreigners and so we always finish at least 15 minutes over time. Today though, we finished early and she didn't even check our work! Normally, we're all frantically trying to find the answers throughout the prac. But it was good. My friend also invited me to go out clubbing with her, but i couldn't go because i have work tomorrow at 9am! lol. Kinda bummed, but eh! There's always next time.

SOoooooo. That was really long, and no one probably read it. :) Oh well. Fabulous week for me, and if you did make it this far....gold star for you!

Look! A picture!

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anywayanyhowanywayanyhow on April 20th, 2007 01:31 pm (UTC)
You're cute! :D ooooo
xx_ginny_xx on April 20th, 2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
Awww, you ARE cute. =P

let me see you dance on your tippy toes: Joon Ji Hoon in glasses!allie_oop on April 21st, 2007 11:38 am (UTC)
Ha! Your cute! Maybe he meant to write "your cute pencilcase! I want one for my girlfriend!" or something, and forgot to finish it? :P Just kidding.
See you next week sometime! <3